Maturity Mid Season (approx 82 days).

   First Flower Node 12 – 13.

   Pods / Node 2.

   Pod Shape Straight / Pointed.

   Vine Length 65 – 75cm.

   No of Peas / Pod 10.

   Pod Length 100mm.

   Fruit length -35 to 40cm.

   Fruit diameter -3 to 4cm. 

   Fruit shape - Near Cylindrical.  

   Fruit colour -Medium Green. 

   Foliage characters -Good vegetative growth with prolonged


   First picking – 40 to 45 days.

   Light Green Mosaic.

   Vigorous Plants.

   Starts Yielding 32-35 days (Sowing)

   Light green fruits with white specks.

   Fruit Weight 200 g.

   Good keeping quality.

   Medium long cylindrical fruits 25-28 cm.

   Blocky oblong.

   Average weight 10-12 kg

   Maturity 85-90 days.

   Deep crimson flesh.

   Crisp texture with high TSS.

   Good shipping quality.

   Resistance to Fusarium Race-1.

   A well known hybrid that has an excellent combination of

    good vigor and earlines.

   Fruits are medium long with moderate ,but rather thick spines 

    which result in less damage during transport.

   Color is attractive green.

   As already proven ,Protima has enormously  high yield potential.

   Good tolerance to common field diseases.

   Fruit length-22-25 cm long.

   Fruit Shape -Spindle.

   Maturity - 50-55 days.