Research Objectives

The Plant Breeding R&D objectives are as follows:

   Give more emphasis on development and identification of full maturity hybrids in Maize, medium

    and mid-early  maturity in rice, medium  maturity  in bajra, early and medium maturity in  

    wheat high oil content in mustard and big boll size of cotton in Central & South zones.         

   Fast and objective oriented inbred line development in all crops resulting in superior proprietary  


   To incorporate downy mildew resistance in Bajra and BLB & Blast  resistance in rice,Boll worm 

     and  CLCUV resistance in  cotton, downy mildew and stalk rot resistance in maize,rust resistance

     in  mustard and wheat.

   Strengthening Germplasm collection in all mandate crops.

   Maintenance Breeding, Breeder Seed Production and Supply.

   Standardizing production techniques of new pipe line hybrids.