JKAL believes in deeply contributing to sustainable social and economic development of the under-served communities through initiatives in education, health and livelihoods. We are obliged towards society and are actively participating in various endeavors to make a compassionate impact.


 Promoting education :

We focus on inclusive growth through education and skill building initiatives rather than providing continued financial support.
On occasion of Children’s day JKAL Biotech team celebrated Children Day along with children of Govt. Primary School and Anganwadi at Angadipeta Village, Secunderabad.

During this occasion notebooks were distributed to the students along with chocolates.  

With around 180 students a total of 240 note books were distributed. For the class 1st, 2nd and 3rd one book each (120X1) and for higher classes 4th and 5th two books each (60 X 2) was distributed.



Swachh Bharat:-

JKAL joined the “Swachh Bharat Mission” launched under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  Our employees had organized a cleanliness drive with a vision of ‘Clean India' at Gundla Pochampally Plant . This campaign is our small contribution towards achieving the ‘Clean India’ vision of our Prime Minister. With the announcement of the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” by our Prime Minister, it is the accountability of all citizens to participate in the mission and contribute to the social cause.  We look forward to be a part of such initiatives in the future, which will help us serve our nation in some way. We also take this chance to reach out to the community directly with a particularly strong impetus on spreading awareness about clean environment, which after all is essential for a healthy life.

The Intensive campaign for awareness generation and health education was well accepted and appreciated


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 Adult Literacy

JKAL aims to touch each stage of the education in student lifecycle by making interventions from the time they are in their early childhood, going right up to their working age.

The objective of the scheme is to promote adult literacy in rural areas and enable them to read, write and perform simple mathematical calculations and the ability to apply them to one’s day-to-day life.  Under this initiative we identified potential villages nearby and the target group to which education could be imparted. A suitable program was devised and Teachers were oriented towards teaching methodology. Regular monitoring was conducted from teachers and beneficiaries. We are glad to announce that so far we could convert more than 100 illiterates into literates through this noble endeavor for the period 14-15.

This initiative improved the quality of life of local community to a great extent and also served as a tool to meet some of the organizational objectives of the company besides serving the society.

Externally, this has created a positive image amongst the people for the company and earned a special respect among peers.  It is a new mantra for building up a strong long-term image for the company. Though this initiative involves additional costs for the company, the actual advantage can never be quantified. 


Ensuring environmental sustainability through animal welfare

Veterinary camps have been conducted in Rajasthan and Punjab.

We believe we should give back to the community and regularly organize veterinary camps that treat hundreds of cattle, free of cost for our neighboring villages.

JKAL constantly endeavor to work with the villages around us by organizing veterinarian services in distant, often inaccessible areas.The veterinary staff employed by us organizes camps where the villagers can talk to vet consultants and obtain immunization, check-ups and medicines for their cattle.


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Eye Screening Camp & Health Camp

 JKAL regularly organizes Health Camps at various occasions. Time to time we  provide regular health and eye checkups with the help of reputed healthcare organizations which is not only restricted to the  employees and workers but as an endeavor we voluntarily go beyond and provide quality healthcare facilities in the regions around our work centers too.

 JKAL has come up with a new initiative to reach our end customers in a widened scale.

 Eye camp has been organized in an Agricultural  Mela at Bathinda  -Punjab.Nearly 300 OP’s including farmers, Agricultural officers, villagers   have gone through the Free Eye Screening.

The concept of REACHING TO THE PEOPLE was well appreciated .



Socio-economic development and relief fund for Jammu & Kashmir flood victims-

JKAL conveys deep sorrow & condolences for the bereaved families of J&K flood affected areas in which a number of valuable lives were lost, with extensive damage to property.

We organized a relief fund to contribute our bit to the nation.


Regards Team