Early maturing (70-75 days).

   Medium plant height.

   Highly resistant to downy mildew and smut.

   Lodging tolerant.

   Stay green fodder till maturity.

   Good tillering ability.

   Medium long, very compact earheads.

   Attractive deep grey bold grains.

   Ear head shape : Conical.


Special Feature: Longest selling Hybrid in Private Seed Industry by JK seeds.



   Medium maturity (75 days).

   Plant height 230 – 240 cm.

   Very compact conical ear heads.

   Seed set up to tip.

   Long & Fully exerted panicles.

   Tolerant to heat.

   Tillering: 3 – 4 productive tiller.

   Highly resistance to downy mildew and smut.


Special Feature:JKBH 676 is included in AFDP (ACCELERATED FODDER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME) by National food security Mission.



   Days to maturity – late (80 – 85 days).

   Plant height- very tall (240 – 250cm).

   Effective tillers -2-3.

   Highly compact panicles.

   Very long (27-30cm) ear head.

   Grey and bold grain.

   Tolerant to lodging.

   High fodder yield.


Special Feature:Long Ear heads and lodging Tolerant.


   Maturing in 80-85 days.

   Compact, thick & long ear heads.

   Lodging Resistant.

   Good Quality Fodder.

   Highly resistant to Downey mildew and Smut.

   High yielding hybrid.


Special Feature:Tall hybrid (plant height (9-10 ft.)) with good lodging tolerance.




   Plant Height : Tall (230 – 240cm).

   Ear head shape : cylindrical.

   Long panicles (25 – 28cm).

   Ear head compactness : Semi Compact.

   Grain Size & Shape : bold & Normal.

   Highly heat tolerant.

   Maturity days : 75 – 80 days.

   Highly tolerance to Downey mildew.

   Suitable for summer growing areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan.


Special Point: Highly Heat Tolerant suitable for summer markets.



   Early maturity (65 – 70 days).

   Conical compact panicles.

   Good tillering ability.

   Toleranceto Downey mildew and smut.

   Suitable for drought prone areas.


Special Point: Suitable for low price segment of research hybrids.

JKBH 768


   Synchronous 4 -5 productive tillers

   Highly resistant to Downey mildew

   High fodder yield

   Tolerant to lodging

   Successfully completed 3 years of testing in AICPMIP National trials

   Showed 10% superiority over checks in AICPMIP trials