Excellent Drought Tolerance.

   Gives high Fodder yield.

   Attractive Bold grains with pearly white colour.

   Excellent flour quality for bread making.

   Thick stem with long, broad and dark green leaves.

   Panicles are long, well exerted and open type which     

   reduces pest and bird damage.


Special Feature: High yielding pearly white grains.

   Dual purpose Hybrid with superior grain and Fodder 


   Gives high Fodder yield.

   Attractive round and shiny grains.

   Strong stem with lodging tolerance.

   Duration 110-115 days.


Special Feature: Highest yielding and excellent fodder quality.

   Medium bold, round pearly white grains.

   Medium thick stem, non-lodging.

   Leaves remain green till maturity.

   Gives high fodder yield.

   Duration 105-110 days.