Growth Habit:                      Medium Tall

   Immature Fruit Colour:         Dark Green

   Fruit Colour at Maturity:       Deep Red

   Fruit Length:                        8-9 Cms

   Fruit Diameter:                     0.8-1 Cm

   Fruit Pungency :                   Very high Capsaicin content

   Days to harvest:                  75-80 days (Green) 150 days   (Red)

   Smooth / Wrinkled:               Slight wrinkles present

   Tolerance :                            Thrips

   Growth Habit :                      Tall, Compact Foliage

   Immature Fruit Colour:          Light Green

   Fruit Colour at Maturity:        Red

   Fruit Length:                         11-12 Cms

   Fruit Diameter :                     1.2-1.4 Cm

   Fruit Pungency :                    Medium to Low

   Days to harvest:                   75-80 days

   Smooth / Wrinkled :              Wrinkled

   Suitable for Fresh Market only