BotanicalName : Picrorhiza kurroa

CommonName : KUTKI

Specification : Kutkin 4%, Bitters 6%

Uses : Liver Support

Description : Picrorhiza kurroa is one of the major income generating non-timber forest products found in the Nepalese Himalayas. It is one of the oldest medicinal plants traded from the Karnali zone. 5–15 cm long leaves, almost all at the base, often withered.[2] Leaves are coarsely toothed, narrowed to a winged stalk.Rhizomes of the plant are 15–25 cm long and woody. small, pale or purplish blue, borne in cylindric spikes, spikes borne on almost leafless erect stems. Flowers about 8 mm, 5-lobed to the middle, and with much longer stamens.Chemical composition of Picrorhiza kurroa include Kutkin, a bitter glycoside which contains two C-9 iridoid glycosides-Picroside I and Kutakoside.