BotanicalName : Symplocos Racemosa

CommonName : LODHRA

Specification : Alkaloids 0.5%

Uses : Urinary health

Description : The botanical name of Symplocos Racemosa is lodhra. It is an ingredient of many rasayanas. A yellow dye is extracted from the leaves which, in combination with other plants, are used for dyeing silk. It is mainly found in the plains of hills of northern India and other Asian rivers, up to a height of 1400m.Being an Ayurvedic herb, certain researches are being going on to extract more benefits from this herb.Being a small evergreen tree with a height of 6-8.5m, leaves of this tree are lathery, orbicular and dark green in colour. The flowers of this tree are white or cream, in axillary, simple or compound racemes. The fruit is almost dark purple in colour containing 1-3 seeds. The parts which are mostly used in managements are bark and roots.Their extracts are highly beneficial in relieving gynecological conditions like excessive menstrual flow and leucorrhea. The herb also relieves various digestive disorders.