BotanicalName : Tribulus Terrestris


Specification : Steroidal Saponins 20% AND 45%

Uses : Urinary health, Immunomodulator

Description : Tribulus terrestris is an annual plant in the caltrop family (Zygophyllaceae) widely distributed around the world, that is adapted to grow in dry climate locations in which few other plants can survive.Its extracts are widely used by body builders.Tribulus terrestris is a taprooted herbaceous perennial plant[citation needed] that grows as a summer annual in colder climates.It is native to warm temperate and tropical regions of the Old World in southern Europe, southern Asia, throughout Africa, and Australia.It can thrive even in desert climates and poor soil.A network of fine rootlets arise from the taproot to take advantage of soil moisture, by which the plant can survive in very arid conditions.The stems radiate from the crown to a diameter of about 10 cm to over 1 m, often branching. They are usually prostrate, forming flat patches, though they may grow more upwards in shade or among taller plants.