Natext Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. Is a greenfield research driven bioscience company. It manufactures products of natural origin and offers innovative product solutions for the following segments.

        • Nutrition/ Dietary Supplement
        • Food
        • Pharma
        • Personal Care/Cosmetics
        • Feed
Natext is a member of JK Organisation and harnesses the group companies' expertise in the areas of botanical sciences, biotechnology, cultivation (www.jkseeds.net) and end-to-end clinical research (www.clinirx.com).

Natext specializes in:
      • Standardized Plant Extracts
      • Spice Extracts and Oleoresins
      • Specialty Ingredients and Fine Chemicals
      • Essential Oils and Natural Colors
      • Certified Organic
      • Custom Manufacturing and Product Development

Natext works closely with JK Agri Genetics Ltd. which has six strategic botanical R & D locations and twenty multi-locational trial centres in varied Agro Climatic Zones spread across India. The activities include seed propagation (planting material development), cultivation and harvesting at conditions for maximum yield and active content.

Backed by years of botanical experience, large scale cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants is being developed in strategic locations with utmost concern for nature. Natext is linking the bio-wealth of plants with people and works closely with a collaborative network of over 40000 farmers in India.