Support to farming community

JK Saathi -Seed to Harvest Support to the Farmer:

PAN India trainings ,Virtual & Field on latest agronomic practices ,agricultural equipment and spray molecules to control pests & diseases along with mitigating abiotic stress factors are extended to farmers. WHATSAPP media had been the media of support

Livelihood enhancement

In order to facilitate Livelihood enhancement for small land holdings and deserving farmers essential irrigation tools like water pump, seeds have been extended to the deserving farmers and our technical team continue to monitor and support the farmers on various farm management and cultivation practices for the season making them sustainable.

Support to continuity of education

Digital Interface & Enhancing education

  • 20 Rural Schools benefiting 1750 Students across Central, West & South India locations have been extended sources of Digital Learnings by facilitating IT assets.
  • Stationary Kits & Library setup are extended at Government schools

Health Care

Doctor connect
Virtual Doctor Connect on Covid19 awareness ,precautionary measures and importance of vaccination was extended to all workmen. Focused had been upon Pandemic crisis and efforts towards eradicating the same.

Medical Camp
As a precautionary measure Medical camps in association with Apollo hospitals was carried focusing of fitness and healthy lifestyle during Pandemic

Covid 19 Safety Kits
Distributed 3050 Covid kits (Sanitizers & masks) to students in Rural areas across Pan India

Covid 19 Vaccination drive
In association with Telangana Agriculture department 100 labours have been vaccinated.

Support to continuity of education

Facilitating Mobility
Focusing of precautionary commute ,minimizing local transport, 50 Higher class students belonging to Govt Schools of Kalas Taluka, Maharashtra, Arikathota & Vizayanagaram Andhra & Telangana had been facilitated with bicycles.