In tune with industry standards

The wide network of 30,000 farmers in all the agro climatic zones of India and the state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities enable JKAGL to guarantee the best seed supply at local and international levels with every stage of processes, technology, and equipment is standardised to international norms and quality. We adopt digital technologies to ensure hassle free and steady supply of seed products from our multi location plants for different crops and products.

Seed production

JKAGL adheres to best practices in seed production that contribute to high quality seeds. Our team of experts work closely to ensure the products meet specific quality standards. The entire process of seed production is rigorously monitored through training and providing crop management materials to farmers.

Processing & Conditioning

The seeds are processed at different locations in the country. Modern technologies like Moistometer, Treater and Online QC are adopted at high-capacity processing units to ensure the best quality.


The advanced Quality Control laboratory at JKAGL conducts regular tests on sampling, physical purity, genetic purity, germination, vigour and moisture content in accordance with the International seed testing rules published by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA). The genetic purity of seeds is assessed through techniques such as DNA fingerprinting involving AFLP, SSR and ISSR Markers. Advanced methods and instruments like Q2 machines (Single seed vigour analysis) are also being used.