Lala Kamlapat Singhania ji

Lala Kamlapat Singhania ji, the Founder of J.K. Organization, with his unparalleled sagacity and foresightedness pioneered

an era of industrial awareness – an endeavor for setting up a self-reliant and

dynamic Indian Industry. On his 139th Birth Anniversary, we pay our respectful homage to the man with strong values and unmatched nationalistic spirit, who put us on the path of economic prosperity

proven by leadership in various industries.

Lala Kamlapat Singhania ji

Remembering the legendary entrepreneur Shri Lakshmipat Singhania Ji on his birth anniversary. A visionary who set the roadmap for future entrepreneurs to follow and inspired generations to build a better society for all.


News Articles

India: HarvestPlus and JK Agri Genetics

In India, private sector seed and food companies are among about 100 HarvestPlus partners that also include government and civil society actors. These partnerships leverage the partners’ reach, recognition, and expertise on the ground.

JK Agri Genetics Ltd. is an Indian seed industry pioneer established in 1989. The company is committed to research, production, and commercialization of seeds for the welfare of farming communities across South Asia and Africa.

HarvestPlus India and JK Agri Genetics entered a strategic partnership in 2009 as part of a commitment to scale up biofortified crops. The partnership focused on addressing malnutrition and hidden hunger through improving the iron and zinc content in pearl millet and wheat cultivars. As part of the partnership, JK Agri Genetics supports HarvestPlus India in research, seed trials, distribution, marketing, and sales.
JK Agri Genetics works with the HarvestPlus program in India to identify new biofortified lines and has previously commercialized as a biofortified wheat variety (BHU-31). Since 2017, the BHU-31 seed variety has been sold under the brand name JK 5501. More than 800 tons of BHU-31 seed variety has been sold so far in India.
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