Extracting the best from nature

A member of JK organisation, Natural Extract Division (Natext) works closely with JK Agri Genetics Pvt Ltd and specialises in botanical sciences, biotechnology, cultivation and end-to-end clinical research.

Natext Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Natext Biosciences Pvt Ltd is a greenfield research driven company, specialising in innovative solutions for:

  • Nutrition/Dietary supplement

  • Food

  • Pharma

  • Personal care/cosmetics

  • Feed

World class botanical expertise

Powered by strong botanical expertise and rich experience, Natext undertakes large scale cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants across strategic locations, collaborating with a strong network of 40,000 farmers across the country.

  • Standardised plant extracts

  • Spice extracts and oleoresins

  • Speciality ingredients and fine chemicals

  • Essential oils and natural colours

  • Custom manufacturing and product development

Well-knit framework

Natext has six R&D locations and 20 trial centres in varied Agro climatic zones across India.

  • Seed propagation

  • Cultivation

  • Harvesting