JK Seeds seeks out collaboration opportunities to encourage fresh perspectives and technological improvements that enable better quality seeds and yields.

Accelerating efficiency

A glance at our strong collaborations:

  • Two MOUs with BSSKV, Dapoli for Gambiaca Cytoplasm of rice and the hybrid JKRH2005.
  • MOU with PDKV Akola for collaboration on cotton hybrid development.
  • Member of NMITLI project of CSIR for rice and cotton hybrids.
  • Two MOUs with DRMR for mustard breeding and NRCDR-2.
  • MOU with DRR for rice hybrids DRRH-2 and DRRH-3.
  • MOU with CCSHAU for two wheat varieties.
  • MOU with IARI for extra-long aromatic rice hybrid RH-10.
  • MOU with Intelli Biotechnology for Dihaploid production in Rice.
  • MOU with NDDB for mustard hybrid DMH-1 (in process).

International Research Collaborations

  • Founder Member of ICRISAT’s Hybrid Parent Research Consortium.
  • Founder Member of IRRI’s Hybrid Rice Development Consortium.
  • Collaboration with ICRISAT on HOPE and Heat Tolerance in Pearl Millet.
  • MOU with Seed Vision, Australia for collaboration on sunflower breeding.
  • Collaboration with STRASA project of IRRI for stress tolerance in rice.
  • Collaboration with NCSRC, Thailand for maize breeding.
  • Founder member of IMIC Asia-CIMMIT Consortium.
  • Founder member of NARVI-IRRI Consortium.